· Before installation, please check whether the pipe surface is clean and there is no burr which may damage the gasket.

 · When installation, two or three bolts should be tightened little by little in turns, up to the torque rate on the label. If tightened over torque rate, bolts can be broken, and if below torque rate, product performance would be lower than it has.

 · If a torque wrench is not prepared, slip type should be tightened until its edge touches pipe surface, while grip type should be installed about 1㎜ above pipe surface.


 · Pipe fixing and support should be done based on industry standard.

 · For repair clamp, the damage on pipe should be smaller than clamp's l (lower case of L) value on specification tables.



Inner Stainless Steel Plate

Inner Stainless Steel Plate (Inner SUS Plate, optional) is to prevent rubber gasket from being sucked into vacuum or suction pipe.



Electrical Conductivity

Since rubber gasket is nonconductor, in order to prevent fire or explosion from static electricity, it is required to make inner electricity flows through pipes.

Slip type should be equipped with inner SUS plate, whereas Grip type is okay due to its design.



Accessory Type

You can equip accessories such as drain valve or guage by adding nipple to MJG, MJS, MJH, or MJD.

 MJG-A: 50A~400A

 MJS-A: 50A~600A

 MJH-A: 50A~600A

 MJD-A: 50A~2000A