1) Industry & Pipeline


▪ General Industry

    - chemical, petrochemical, steel mill, cement, mining, paper, pharmaceuticals, semiconductor, fiber & textile, food & beverage, etc.

raw material transfer line, cooling water line, vacuum line, plumbing system, ventilation system, exhaust system, dust collector, cleaning equipment, sludge line, sewage & wastewater line, sprinkler, steam line, conduit pipe, fuel line, material storage tank


▪ Water

various kinds of pipe line at purification plant, sewage treatment plant, seawater desalination plant, pumping station

water and sewage pipe line (incl. underground piping)


▪ Oil & Gas

oil & gas line


▪ Civil Engineering & Construction

plumbing system, heating/ ventilating/ air-conditioning system, fire fighting line, fuel line, rain water pipe, district heating system, agricultural water line, industrial water line, conduit pipe


▪ Power

circulating water system, cooling water system, sewage & wastewater line, atmospheric gas line, dust collector


▪ Machinery & Equipment

engine, fire truck, drinking fountain, dust collector, train, air compressor, automatic winder, other machine and equipment


▪ Maintenance of pipe line


▪ Shipbuilding

Flammable fluids (flash point≤60℃)

   - Cargo oil lines 

   - Crude oil washing lines 

   - Vent lines 

Inert gas

   - Water seal effluent lines

   - Scrubber effluent lines

   - Main lines 

   - Distribution lines 

Flammable fluids (flash point≥60℃)

   - Cargo oil lines 

   - Fuel oil lines 

   - Lubricating oil lines 

   - Hydraulic oil 

   - Thermal oil 

Sea Water

   - Bilge lines 

   - Water filled fire extinguishing systems 

   - Non water filled fire extinguishing systems ★

   - Fire main 

   - Ballast system 

   - Cooling water system 

   - Tank cleaning services

   - Non-essential systems

Fresh water

   - Cooling water system 

   - Condensate return 

   - Non-essential system

Sanitary / Drains / Scuppers

   - Deck drains (internal)

   - Sanitary drains

Sounding / Vent

   - Water tanks/ Dry spaces

   - Oil tanks (flash point≥60℃) 


   - Service air (non-essential)

   - Brine

   - Steam

: Fire-Resistant Cover(FRC) required



2) Pipe material


Steel, stainless steel, cast iron, ductile iron, copper, concrete, cement, Cu-Ni, PVC, PPR, PE, fiberglass, aluminum, etc.

* Pipes of different material can be connected by coupling as long as they have same outside diameter.